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Vishnu Satsang Mandir

328 Passmore Ave Unit 17 Scarborough ON M1V4B5  1.905.470.1306

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Pt Bholanauth Misir

Priest of Vishnu Satsang Mandir

Pt Lallman Misir

Founder of Vishnu Satsang Mandir

Vishnu Satsang Mandir was established on June 23, 2013. It was founded by Pandit Lallman Misir. He’s the spiritual leader for the mandir. Officiating Pandits of the temple are Pt. Lallman Misir and Pt. Bholanauth Misir. It is located at 328 Passmore Av. Unit 17, Scarborough. On. M1V 4B5.

This Mandir was established for the benefit of the Hindu community at large and to serve as a place of worship for your devotional needs and accomplishments. All devotees are encourage to host any puja they may desire (Yajna, birthday, anniversary, Wedding, Passing of a loved one etc. etc.)

There is no charge for such functions. All donations are very much appreciated

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