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Vishnu Satsang Mandir

328 Passmore Ave Unit 17 Scarborough ON M1V4B5  1.905.470.1306

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Our History

Vishnu Satsang Mandir Beginnings

With an ever-growing community, the Vishnu Satsang Mandir in Scarborough, Ontario is thriving. However, it is important to remember the humble origins of the now popular name. It all began within a quaint house on The Maria’s Pleasure Island. A simple service was being held and it sparked an idea within a group of 20 men to construct a local temple, in which similar services can be held. The idea quickly gained traction and soon after they received a generous donation of a plot of land, on which to erect a Mandir. The 20 men further contributed 100 Guyana dollars each, adding up to a grand total of 2000 Guyana dollars to start the Mandir off. In 1960, the Vishnu Satsang Sabah Mandir was founded for the village. A group of 20 men initiated the temple construction project but when initial funds depleted, it was fueled by donations from the village people. It was a collaborative village project therefore, after construction everyone got together and decided on the name Vishnu Satsang Sabah Mandir. On August 15, 1960 the Mandir opened its doors as a great success with a grand total of 10,000 Guyana dollars and kept open through self help and contributions. The Vishnu Satsang Mandir name has strong community origins and speaks to the great collaborative effort and bond between all of the people involved. The name lives on today with the Vishnu Satsang Mandir in Scarborough, Ontario established in 2013.

Pandit Lallman History

At the early age of 18 years old, Lallman Misir began practicing as a Pandit within his childhood home nestled in Wakenaam, Guyana. His maternal grandfather came from India as a long time Pandit and mentored the young boy for years. After his grandfather passed away, Pandit Lallman became the Pandit at the Vishnu Satsang Sabah Mandir and practiced in Wakenaam until he immigrated to Canada on September 16, 1994. The move did not slow his stride, as he continues to practice to this day.